At Wisconsin Muffler you will receive fast, honest, & dependable service at each of our 4 convenient locations. We have been serving the muffler, brake, & shock needs of southeastern Wisconsin for over 22 years. Our growth & success is attributed to our firm belief from day one that "Honesty & Quality is the key to turning a First-Time Customer into a Repeat Customer".

Our philosophy is to operate reasonably low overhead locations, give great service, sell top quality products at affordable prices. While doing this we treat people with respect for their needs. This should hold true for employees and customers alike. One of our slogans from the beginning has been "Affordable and Honest" and we mean it!!!! We know that a service organization is built on its people that satisfy the customers. If you every have a problem, ask for a manager.

More than mufflers

This wise piece of advise should be especially followed when it comes to your

beyond the sticker price. Over the course of the vehicles life expectancy you will pay

vehicle. Vehicles depreciate starting the moment you drive off the lot. The cost of that vehicle goes far

thousands more in gas, oil changes, tires, maintenance, repairs, insurance, mechanical labor, emergency towing, etc!